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17 Feb

Formation of the founding team

It was around November 2000 that a first meeting was held by the members of the founding team to give a definitive name to the team and to set up organs that should lead the nascent team. These are the names of the people who made up the team and their responsibilities

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23 Jan


Our movement was born in the year 2000, when the political situation was difficult in the country. The civil war broke out in 1993 with the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye, the first democratically elected Burundian president. Rebel movements were fighting with the regular army and the negotiating process was on its way to Arusha, Tanzania. A clear mistrust characterized the relations between Hutu and Tutsi, the two main ethnic groups. Balkanism according to ethnicity prevailed in some neighborhoods. The image of Burundi was tarnished in the eyes of the international community.

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