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Community Centers Project

The Community Center project is part of the program of investment and self-financing of the movement, under the axis of perpetuation of the movement. At mission level, the project field is part of the diversification of its Missionary field in order to make reach the Good News to several groups not yet reached by
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Kubimbuzi services project

Among the major challenges facing our movement in spite of the great achievements that are being made, there is an external financial dependence and a lack of diversity of sources of financing according to the organizational audit of 2013. Effect in The Investment and Self-financing program, a Kubimbuzi Services
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The movement started with only 3 staffs including 2 volunteers and a permanent staff from 2004 to 2006 Today, with the growth of the movement we have 57 staff divided into the following categories: Administration : 11 CISEB : 10 Health: 11 Education : 13 AGRs : 2 Volonteers : 10
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